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Articles » Chemicals Found in Car Seats May Harm Children
Chemicals Found in Car Seats May Harm Children
Last Updated: May 20, 2007
Child Car Seat A recent study performed by the Ecology Center, based in Michigan, shows that car seats may expose children to toxic chemicals added during the production process. The chemicals include bromine, chlorine, and lead which can be associated with developmental disorders, learning impairment, liver disease, cancer, as well as other allergic type diseases.

Many of the chemicals in car seats are not chemically bound to the plastic and are consequently released into the environment during the life of the product. Heat and UV ray exposure can accelerate this process, and may also cause chemicals to break down into even more toxic compounds. We recommend keeping the vehicle and car seat out of direct sunlight whenever possible. Also, keeping the window ajar when travelling can help remove the toxic gases from the vehicle.

You should limit the amount of time your child spends in a car seat - use only in the vehicle, not to transport your child outside of the vehicle. Even though harmful chemicals may be present, a car seat should always be used when travelling in the car.

Help to remove toxins,
thus reducing your
kidneys workload.
Supporting Documentation
Chemicals used on car seats 'toxic' to children, study warns, CBC News, May 17, 2007 - The Consumer Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Cars

2006/2007 Guide to Child Car Seats, The Ecology Center, May 2007

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